Monday, 2 April 2012

Daniels DC5 Integra

An impressive Mugen kitted K24 powered 215whp Teggy

StarFire white pearl paint
05-06 Front & Rear conversion
Mugen front bumper (authentic)
Mugen side skirts (authentic)
Mugen Wing (authentic)
Mugen Hood (authentic)
Mugen rear lip molded to rear bumper
Mugen license plate cover molded
Retrofitted headlights w/ q45 projectors
Rear wiper delete
DC5 side markers

DC5 black recaro
DC5 door sills
DC5 center console
DC5 ebrake w/ mugen cover
Takata long harness’s x2
Cusco door pillar bars
Autopower roll bar
Miracle X-bar
Mugen steering wheel
Mugen pedals
Works bell QR
Blox shift knob
EP3 hazard button
S2k push start
05-06 cluster
Black interior conversion

K24a2 engine swap
Rbc shaved, polished, welded
ALL In Fab valve cover w/ breather box
All In Fab intake
Buddy club spec 2 exhaust
K-tuned ac/ps delete
K-tuned heater delete housing
Hybrid Racing fuel rail
Hybrid Racing motor mounts
Hybrid Racing shifter cable bushings
Hybrid Racing oil cap
Hybrid Racing throttle body w/ vibrant clamp
Koyo radiator
Mugen rad cap
DownStar engine/transmission bolts kit
Hardware909 flush valve cover bolt kit
CF coil pack cover
ABS delete
EP3 eps
DC5 oil dip stick
NRG hood dampers
AN fittings

Wheels & Suspension & Brakes
18x9 +35 Volk CE28N
 Brembo full itr brake setup
DC5 sway bar
Hawk blue pads
ITR lca’s with spoon sports bushings all around
SS brake lines
TEIN flex
F7 rear control arms
Beaks tie bar
Mugen front strut bar

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