Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Zak's Suzuki Swift

A nicely modified example with some sweet touches,

And here's the spec list;
vmaxx coilovers
Team dynamic Pro race 1.2 17x7j et40 (now sold bbs rco41 to be fitted)
white line rear sway bar
Ripspeed induction kit
pipercross cold air feed
beatrush quick shifter
smoothed front bumper
cupra spliiter or renault escape (depending on photo)
suzuki roof rack
suzuki swift sport rear spoiler
valeo aero wipers
dewipered rear
painted headlights
lamix fogs front
team heko wind delectos
various stickers
recaro speeds
jdm dildo gear sticker
sticker bombed pannels
ebay speical headunit
fli trap active sub
sablet 4 point harness

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