Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Jake's Ford fiesta

 A Wildly styled ford fiesta

After the vehicle was involved in a major accident in June 2010 it was actually written off as a cat c but jake  decided to keep it as it was his pride and joy. He then decided to completely strip the car bare and go the full works on it, even to the point cutting every panel off and having sand blasted.



 Performance & Tuning

Was a 1.6si completely striped down rebuilt to 2litr spec, this is what I’m told as I don’t know much about engines. Straight through exhaust system to a twin, uprated clutch, stage 2 cams,  pulleys and timing belt, updated alternater to 90amp, running 1000amp batteries.

Exterior Styling

Combat skirts delta rear bumper Ice front bumper, custom wide arch kit made for front rear bumpers, Custom bulges in doors, One off bonnet with Jag look round lights, custom splitters with strope LEDs underneath, Evo spoiler moded to fit genuine one, fully adjustable, everything flushed off, full air-ride kit which I custom built to fit the car and that also works off the alarm rear door, 1/4 lights removed to look like a 3 door, doors open off alarm, custom mirrors with LEDs in, full custom one off holographic blue silver violet black large metal flake, all lined out and done individually.


Full custom built install, moded dash, relocated head unit with screen, gauges integrated in dash, PS2 integrated in dash, power caps, 1000amp batteries, complete Alpine install, 4 components, 4 amps, all digital, 4 sub,s 6x9s custom door builds, DVD player Sat Nav, iPod, touch screen tv, plasma dials, fibreglass headlining, custom paintwork dash install, head lining, kick panels, c panel cover all also in flake blue purple and black.

Wheels & Tyres

17″ wheels.


Brembo dot groove.


Air-ride custom.

Words by Jake on the Trax show website:  http://www.traxshows.co.uk/cars/2010/01/01/jake-vickerss-ford-fiesta-mk3/#null                                                  Photos by Shifted and by Lee Fleck photography 

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