Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Marks AE86

A sweetly modified classic...


-20v Blacktop 4A-GE from 1998 Trueno BZ-R. Installed by RE-SPEC GARAGE
-Retained Heat and Power steering, AC deleted
-Firewall box welded for dizzy
-Custom headers
-Straight exhaust, twin tip
-Upgraded Pos and Neg battery cables and terminals
-Relocated RedTop battery behind passenger seat
-Brand new Denso alternator
-RS Chita Waterline Kit + New thermostat
-Koyo Rad, TRD cap, Samco hoses
-Dual electric fans
-Open ITB's with Techno Toy Tuning velocity stacks 
-Volvo oil cooler with brand new stainless lines and AN fittings.
-Greddy GREX sandwich plate
-OEM BT manual ECU with 9k rev limit
-BC Racing coilovers 8k front 6k rear fully adjustable
-Techno toy roll center adjusters
-Techno toy adjustable panhard bar
-Reinforced rear shock towers, stitch welded
-Ebay fender braces
-Ebay front strut tower bar
-Koyo wheel bearings
-New drilled rotors
-New rear OEM Toyota calipers
-Rebuilt Rock Auto front calipers
-Hawk HPS pads front/rear
-Steel braided Earl's brake lines
-New handbrake cable
-Rebuilt GT-S trans no grinds
-Mobil 1 gear oil just changed
-Stage 2 Exedy clutch
-Welded differential
-Steel braided clutch line
-Shine Auto TRD Wing
-JDM Zenki Front bumper, Toyota mounts, working lights and MR2 Euro-spec lenses
-15x8 XXR 002's zero offset and tuner lugs
-Rolled metal fenders
-Panda scheme paint (Toyota Super White II + Black)
-Nardi Deep Corn 350mm, working horn button
-HKB Hub and NRG quick release
-LED Cluster lights
-S2000 Push button start
-Bride GIAS Low Max Seats on buddy club brackets
-TRD Classic shift knob
-Spin Turn "Drift Knob" on ebrake
-Half spec cage with harness bar and gussets by RE-SPEC GARAGE
-CROW 3" 5point camlock Harnesses
-WORKING power windows/mirrors(rare) and sunroof.
-Pioneer head unit w/ ipod, rear speakers located on door panels.

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