Friday, 7 December 2012

Full Feature : Will's Genesis


So its full feature time again! and heres Will stunning Hyundai Genesis Coupe...

Bought and built in an incredible 13 months this Genesis really is one of the best examples I have seen, Will has even carried out most of the work himself only needing some help, which he got from the guys down at Serious Autosport and Kings Performance,

Being a part of Team Sunworks you can expect something awesome in the stance department and Will doesn't let us down rocking the Varrstoen 222's in 19x 9.5 with a plus 12 offset up front and 19x 10.5 plus 12 offset at the rear, finished in the beautiful anodized transparent teal which are filled nicely by a Brembo brake kit and the arches are hugging them nicely thanks to the BC racing Br series coilovers being wound right down.

On the styling front the big coupe is dripping in carbon with the hood, trunk, front lip and rear diffuser, fog bezels, grill and winglets all coming from the Vis catalogue along with RMR carbon side skirts, which contrast beautifully against the white paintwork.

The interior of the car is just as stunning as the exterior with a pair of red bride reclining bucket seats and a Luxon roll cage powder coated white to match the exterior with the rest of the interior has been re-trimmed in bride material.

Also in there is a set of PROSPORT Evo gauges monitoring the boost, oil pressure and wideband a/f. Theres also some sweet touches such as the 330mm bubble shift knob and the 5 panel wink mirror. (you can see the mirror in the photo above!)

Moving onto the performance side of things the 2.0l turbo is pushing out 250 dyno proven horses and 294 torques thanks to stage 2 race spec ecu tune from BTRcc which helps provide the fuel to match the amount of cold air coming through the Greddy intercooler and intake kit, also there's a TurboXS turbo back exhaust system which does away with the cats along with a midpipe and downpipe also from TurboXS.

making sure that the engine keeps up the incredible visual standard Will has fitted a HKS carbon fibre engine cover and a RMR carbon fibre snorkle and some anodized blue dress up bolts.

Will says he went for the Genesis as he felt that it was an underdog in the import scene and he wanted to do something different so he went KDM but wanted to give the car some JDM swag and the results speak for themselves! and as the car was bought with the intention of being a show and track car but Will keeps finding himself driving it as its just fun to drive it  tells us Will is just as pleased with the Genesis. 


2012 Hyundai Genesis Coupe 2.0T R-Spec

-     VIS Carbon Fiber GT Hood
-     VIS Carbon Fiber Trunk
-     VIS Carbon Fiber Front Lip
-     VIS Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser
-     VIS Carbon Fiber Fog Bezels  
-     VIS Carbon Fiber Grill
-     VIS Carbon Fiber Wingletts
-     RMR Carbon Fiber Side Skirts
-     Lamin-X Tail Light Film
-     Lamin-X Fog Light Film
-     8000K HID Heads
-     3000K HID Fogs
-     LED white Plate lights

-     Greddy Front Mount Intercooler
-     Greddy Intake
-     TurboXS GT Exhaust (turbo back no cats)
-     TurboXS Downpipe
-     TurboXS Midpipe
-     TurboXS Oil Catch Can
-     Tial Q Blow Off Valve
-     Grimmspeed Intake Manifold Spacer
-     Grimmspeed Exhaust Manifold gaskets
-     BTRcc Stage 2 Race Spec ECU Tune
-     Mishimoto Silicone Radiator Hose Kit
-     Dress up bolts (anodized blue)
-     RMR Carbon Fiber Snorkle
-     HKS Carbon Fiber Engine Cover

250whp 294wtq on Mustang Dyno

-     BC-Racing BR+ Coilovers
-     Varrstoen 2.2.2 (Anodized Transparent Teal)
-Front 19x9.5 +12
-Rear 19x10.5 +12
   -     Red Extended Lug Nuts
   -     Front and Rear Sway Bar’s
   -     Brembo BBK w/ HAWK Pads.

-     TWM Short Throw Shifter
-     Bride Reclining bucket seats
-     ProSport EVO Series Gauges (boost, oil pressure, wideband a/f)
-     Custom Gauge Pod
-     Bride Shift Boot
-     Wink Mirror (5 panel)
-     LUXON Roll Cage (white Powder coated)
-      330mm JDM bubble shift Knob


  1. HighwayStar JC SunWorks7 December 2012 at 19:56

    Congrats Will! Great build, more to come.

  2. Hey love the car! Do you daily it? Any possibility to add a harness bar to the cage?