Monday, 31 December 2012

So that was 2012!!!

So there it is, We have reached the end of the year! And its been a awesome one! Which saw the birth and growth of Shifted on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and of course right here on who would have thought me and my blog/site would have over 35,000 hits! So thank you to all the fans, readers and liker's.  And with this last post of the year I'm going to look back at what's been the most popular and then we'll look forward to what I can only say will be an epic 2013 with alot more coming from Shifted so stay tuned and ill see you next year!

With  by far the biggest hit of the year going to Blair and his supercharged Honda Accord having 3,000 hits all on it's own it really was a gem of a find and boosted shifted up a gear with the start of more fuller features appearing up on here and that definitely will continue!

I must say a big thank you to Rob, Mike and Mishkah for all there support and supply of awesome photos for your viewing pleasure and I look forward to working with them more in 2013!
Also there will be a few more contributors after I posted on Facebook and received alot of offers and interest in contributing, so hopefully there will be much more content next year and maybe even more than one post a day!

So for 2013 you can expect more features full and mini, show coverage as I plan to hit as many shows as possible plus more coverage contributed!, and generally much more awesomeness! I hope you stay tuned and like what I have planned for the next year!

Thanks again for all your support this year I wouldn't have got this far without you guys!


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