Monday, 21 January 2013

Rob's Honda Civic

A sweet eg civic with a awesome colour providing the show with a jdm b16a engine conversion providing the go...

-jdm b16a2 
-apexi n1 catback exhaust 
-5" test pipe 
-anr race header (equal length) 
-password cf whale penis intake 
-ctr n1 crank pulley 
-competition clutch stage 2 street/strip disc 
-GSR Tranny/LSD

-Paint= Car is painted inside and out antique pine pearl and the roof is black.
 Colour kinda looks like a olive green with a gold hue. Kinda changes depending on the lighting.
-vis carbon fibre hood and stock hood
-carbon fibre duckbill wing 
-spoon mirrors 
-wings west rs front lip (the real deal from back in the day) 
-jdm eg6 stanley sidemarkers 
-jdm eg6 headlights and corner lights 
-jdm eg6 bronze quarter panel glass and rear hatch glass 
-jdm eg6 stanley yellow fog lights 
-5000k Hids

-ground control coilovers 
-Koni Yellows
-eg6 front strut bar 
-cusco carbon fibre rear strut bar 
-beaks rear lower tie bar
-Blackworks Lower Control arms 
-15" Drag dr-21 wrapped in Falken Rubber

-del sol front seats ( red stripe) 
-jdm eg6 fog switch, defrost switch, gauge cluster, climate control, clock ( everything lights up amber) 
-jdm eg6 coin pocket 
-ctr shift boot (red stich) 
-gsr shift knob -jdm eg6 steering wheel (black, mint, rare)
-eg6 arm rest 
-eg6 audio console 
-pioneer head unit  scheme going on 

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