Monday, 7 January 2013

Sandy Hook Benefit Show

We were all shocked by the terrible shootings in Sandy hook  at the end of last year but Zach Coppola and a couple of his gear head  buddies thought they could do something to help so they organised the Sandy hook benefit show, here's some words from the man himself...

Well when we heard and felt the pain of the sandy hook shooting, a couple of my buddies and myself felt the need to do something to help. Since it seems like most adults think we're all just street racers and punks, we thought we should really show how much we can help in our community. That's what started planning the show. We sat down, picked a location, time and date. Once we had everything set-up we made sure to get some other companies that wanted to help out as well on board. We gathered a ton of different things including gift cards and apparel to raffle off and baked goods and drinks to sell. All the profits went directly to a foundation to help benefit the families and community that had to go through this tragedy. Everything went awesome and we rose almost $5k along with over 400 cars showing up and news crews and radio stations. We definitely plan on doing more shows like this to benefit as much of our community as we can to make sure that we make an impact. - Zach Coppola
Lucky for us Shifted photographer Rob Malavasi who's from Connecticut was there to capture the action from the snowy but successful day...

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