Sunday, 6 January 2013

Xavi's Civic coupe

At the end of last year some of you may have seen the launch of which is a social network for your car where people can choose to follow your build and keep up with what's new, And Kieran (the owner of has been kind enough to let me hunt for feature cars for shifted on there so here'e the first of I hope many which is Xavi's awesome civic coupe out in Barcelona rocking a B18c conversion...

Make sure you check out and their facebook page



UK b18c4
s9b gearbox
Gates racing timing belt
p72 00 (jdm GSR) pistons
itr rings
buddy club adjustable cam pulleys
itr dizzy
NGK spark plug wires
mugen oil cap
aem intake
tegiwa exhaust headers,
aem wide band
apexi vafc controller
aluminum radiator
samco radiator hose kit
universal obx twinloop muffler,
oil catch tank
grownd wire kit
ek4 strut bar
t1r cover tanks
some dress up pieces


bilstein shocks
eibach springs


color converted to electron blue
ek9 fron grill
ek9 lip
ek9 style front lights
tinted rear windows


CRV 280mm front disc conversion
CRV caliper
rear drum to disc conversion
Rota slipstream 16"

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