Monday, 18 February 2013

Anthony's mazdaspeed 3

A stunningly stanced mazdaspeed 3. The speed is sitting pretty on BC Racing coilovers wound down over some custom powder coated Work emotion cr kai rims, (there's photos of this setup and the old setup of gold XXR 527's)...

Photo's by Eric Dowd check out his Flickr
                                    and his Facebook

Crystal white pearl 2008 mazdaspeed 3 sport. 
BC racing br coilovers, 
3 inch ATP catless downpipe, 
CP-E 3 cold air intake. 
Original set-up xxr 527 18x8.75 et +20 all around. 
new wheel set-up work emotion cr kai in 18x8.5 et +35 custom powder coated. 
215/35r18 Achilles atr sport tires

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