I bought a 2009 NISMO (same color) in December 2009. It unfortunately was victim a flash flood the night I dropped it off at a performance shop in Jacksonville NC for turbo install and other supporting mods in Sept 2010. Obviously the parts were not installed yet, but were already ordered and on site. Bought current NISMO late in November 2010, and let me tell you. Even tho I had full coverage, it was like fighting a bear trying to get the insurance company to pay off the first NISMO, as no one likes to lose $35ish thousand dollars. So with just 700 miles on my new (current) car I took it back 2 the same shop, as I had already made a large down payment for services. Long story short, terrible shop, service, execution of installs, and terrible customer service all around. If you want the details, just ask. I talk down about them all the time & don't mind going public with it. And there are many others I met with similar stories about this shop & if I had the authority, I would make it off limits to military persons. After getting my car back & very unpleased I drove it down to Z1motorsports. Jon Parham & his crew took great care of me & my car. I give them all the credit for everything up until the engine build portion of my car/project. I enjoyed driving her for a few months then had to put it in storage (September 2011 through May 2012) for a deployment. I returned May of 2012 and decided to get back in it. A friend & trusted mech/tech/drifter (Nissan certified tech at dealership also) of mine referred me 2 East Coast Performance. And being they are local where I live, seemed like the obvious & best choice. I would have like to have gone back to Z1, but it is too far. Unless I have negligent (corrective maintenance needed) work performed again. Anyway, so ECP installed pistons, rods, head studs, gaskets, suspension, fuel system. And they did a great job. But something wasn't right with the tune. I left ECP with 581rwhp on 20psi. Z1 had made 598 on about 13psi if I remember correctly. So I was expecting over 600rwhp around 16psi. And my car kept going into limph mode, losing power almost daily. After a week of takin it back to ECP, and getting what felt like temp fixes with no permanent resolution/fix in sight, I called National Speed and with little detail told them what was happening. Jordan said, "oh, sounds like a P0700 code". Well I was impressed he knew that off the top of his head without me mentioning ECP had already got that far. Jordan then asks me, "what kinda MAF's you running? I replied, "either stock or what came with the tt-kit if any". He said, Mark, I can't believe you haven't upgraded your MAF's. You need the ZMAF's and then a proper tune. At that point I had 2 make a decision. Get the MAF's and go back 2 ECP, or allow NS to come pick up my vehicle for free & take care of it... National Speed got the job, as I didn't want to drive my car again in limph mode. And again they & the shop impressed me. So NS installed my ZMAF's, swapped my HKS evcs2 to a greddy profec-B boost controller, and custom made me a vacuum hose port, as it turned out I had a mess of vacuum hoses. Retuned precisely where I expected it to be based off of previous tunes & cars that I have owned. Currently sitting at 16psi with 647rwhp & 563tq. This is not my first 500+rwhp vehicle. I owned two RX7's while stationed in Okinawa Jp from late 97-mid 2007. Both FD's with single turbo with all the necessary supporting mods. I've always liked the "Z" cars, in fact I almost bought 300zx fairlady around the same time I bought my first FD, but as a young Marine in Okinawa Japan, I couldn’t afford the asking price. But when I arrived back in the states (fall 2007) I was eyeing the 350z. I almost got one in 2008 and glad I didn’t. Because when I saw the 370z, I had to have it. I shopped around and compared it to many other makes/models, both American and Japanese. My conclusion was, the 370z NISMO was best for performance and style, especially knowing I was going to ramp it up. I missed the fun and exciting feel of my boosted FD's, so I knew it was going to be a project car.

GReddy twin turbo
Kinetix air intake manifold/valve cover
GReddy ti-c exhaust
AAM comp return type fuel system
Walbro 400LPH fuel pump
Injector clinic 1100cc injectors
Aeromotive fuel pressure regulator
OSGiken R-Series triple plate clutch w/floating center hub & fly wheel combo
Z1 stainless steel braided clutch lineZspeed Clutch Slave Cylinder with steel braided lines
Z1 34row Setraub oil cooler/thermostatic sand plate w/steel braided line
Large GReddy oil pan
NISMO oil filler cap
Z1 power steering cooler
Mishimoto thermostat
Z1 CSF alum radiator & AC condenser core combo
Z1 silicone radiator hoses
NISMO radiator cap
Z-MAF sensors
Magnetic oil drain plug
A myriad of other steel braided & Z1 silicone lines
National Speed custom vacuum hose port
Wiseco forged pistons
K1 forged rods and ARP-L19 head studs
Cosworth head gaskets

Kinetix front camber kit-adjustable
SPC rear camber kit-adjustable
KW V3 suspension/coil over kit-fully adjustable
NISMO body brace (additional/not factory)
Nissan Re-alignment
Akebono cross drilled/slotted rotors w/ steel braided brake lines
BF goodrich g-force T/A KDW2 tires (stock sizes) 

3M tint
Terminator Style VIS carbon fiber hood painted except vents
Vertical door kit
Rain-X wipers
Rays racing lug nuts (black on silver)
Nissan "Z" logo valve stem caps
"Z" logo license plate frame
Personalized license plate (NVMY37D)

GReddy Profec-B boost controller
Defi gauges
Osiris Uprev engine mngt (National Speed tuned) with cypher cable
GTR start button
Viper smart start security
JVC arsenal stereo
Zenclosures box w/precision power amplifier and 12's

I'm still considering her a project.. During the last week of April 2013, National Speed will take custody of my car again & have the top end/valve train built by HeadGames in NJ... Full CNC job, port & polish all around w/ Ferrea S6000 series head components. They will also perform powder coating & engine dress-up, then re-tune. Moving (station change) to Cali in Aug 2013 & will then get a custom paint job, OSGiken superlock LSD, OSGiken close ratio gears, DriveShaftShop 1200hp pro-level axles, and some small body mods/pieces from the Zshop, 370zTune & Evo-R :)

Special thanks go out to;
Jon Parham & his crew at Z1motorsports in Carrolton Ga.
Wess, Jeff & Jeremy of East Coast Performance in Jacksonville NC.
George & Jordan of National Speed in Wilmington NC.
Mark Mendoza of OSGiken
Joe from Zspeedperformance.
Bradley Phillips (photographer) of Imports OF The Beach