Monday, 22 April 2013

#Shrinkallthecars meet part 1

On Sunday 14th there was a huge meet at the FDR skatepark in Philadelphia, To celebrate the success of the fundraiser for Cory Burgess that Chad Kreiling has started, Luckily for us Andrew Sutter was there to capture the action..

Check out Andrew's Flickr page

Dope E36 running the classic BBS rims and the interior looks go over show with Bride seats.

 This RS4 looks amazing slammed on them gold rims with huge dish. not sure how the performance is affected by the stance but it sure as hell looks good.

 Can't go far wrong with a nicley dropped VAG motor on BBS/BBS style rims.

 Epic MK4 R32 with a damn clean stance and sweet rims.

Damn! This is so wrong for an Evo but so right! 

 A seriously dope Miata/MX-5/Eunos slammed with a sweet interior to match the exterior.

 Seriously slammed EG with a serious stripped out and track prepped interior.

 Just a super clean Jetta/Bora depending on where in the world your from.

 Love this 350z, it just looks so clean and awesome! I really want one of these.

 Subie hatch rocking 3SDM hoops and some serious amount of low.

 Another shot of the sweet VAG motors.

Sweet Evo running Work rims.

Look out for part 2 in the coming days....

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