Monday, 13 May 2013

Guest Blog: Tweaked City Evo feature

So here's the second of Dereks guest posts on Shifted this time a sweet Evo X feature...

Check out TTIN

And Tweaked City

I know you guys are all thinking, “This guy and evos”. I don’t even own an Evo. But like I said a couple of features ago, I know a lot of people that have them. So its only right that I showcase a few of them. This one in particular belonging to Dexter, is one of my favorites.

So one day, Dexter hits me up on facebook and asks to do a shoot. Saw a few pictures of it but he told me they were outdated and wanted new ones. ‘Sure, no problem!’ I said. When I finally met up with him, I was definitely excited when I saw the car. I was literally hopping up and down in my seat, Dexter didn’t notice. The car looked nice in the pictures I had seen, but seeing it in person…Perfect Execution. From the AME wheels to the Do Luck trunk, this Evo was one of the cleanest I have seen in the area. As we all know, when we consider a car looking perfect, its never finished in the creators eyes. I’m sure Dexter has some things in mind but in the meantime, but he said he wanted to whore it out and make it famous, with the way this car looks it shouldn’t be too hard.


DSG Performance Dual Pillar Pod
AEM Boost Gauge
AEM Wideband Gauge
Varis Side Skirts
Varis CF Hood
Varis Front Bumper
Varis CF Rear Diffuser
Seibon CF Rear Diffuser
Jun CF Mirrors
Do Luck Trunk
AMS Intercooler
Ultimate Racing Turbo Back Exhaust
BC Coilovers
AME 19×10.5 +22 wheels 275/30/19
Girodisc 2 Piece Rotors
Shout out to CCEVO Club!!!!

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