Sunday, 16 June 2013

Chris's Nissan S14

Stunning purple paint + a big power engine build is a winner by us!

  • Volk GTC's, 18x10 all round,
    Microtech LT10s
    Hymount 6boost manifold,
    Precision 62/62 turbo,
    Hypertune plenum, rail & T/B
    Built bottom end
    Minor head work
    HKS 272 cams
    Coilovers all round
    Vertex kit
    Crazy custom 
    Monkey house cage,
    Full sheet metal dash, 
    centre console,door cards,
    All sheet metal dipped in Carbon dip,
    Full 3 inch exaust from dump back,
    Fuel cell in boot with 2x 0.44s,
    I.d 2000cc injectors,
    Fast fuel reg,
    Carbon Autometre gauges, 
    Hydraulic Handbrake, 
    2x Sparco Pro 2000s, 
    5 point RCI harnesses, 
    drum E85

    Makes 505rwhp on 20psi
    Couple of things to change n it will go 600 as it has done before!

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