Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Evo Joe Racing | NCAC's

This past weekend was the North Carolina Autocross Championships (NCACs) held at Zmax Dragway in Concord.  Last year in 2012 I competed in Street Modified and won 1st place being named the State Champion in Street Modified for 2012.  This year I defended my title against some really great drives like Steven Rankin and Tim White.

The NCACs consist of 2 days of racing with a change in direction (reverse run) on the 2nd day.  The best combined time over the 2 days wins the weekend.  Each day you had 3 runs to put down your best time. This leaves practically 0 room for errors considering the 1st run out of 3 is solely dedicated to warming up the 315/30 Hoosiers. 

Day 1 was intense.  Street Modified was slated to run 1st run group out of 4.  It was a bit cool outside so not only did we clean the course, we laid the rubber and warmed it up a bit.  Needless to say run 1 was a complete mess.  I ended up spinning and taking out a wall of cones finishing with a 73 second run.  The other guys ran 63s but with cones as well.  63s seemed fast to me so I was getting a little nervous.  Run 2 I tried to run a clean run.  I was a little conservative and finished with a 62.6. Second runs for the other guys came in 62.2 and 62.6 so I knew I was in the same area.  My last run I focused on just trying to pick up .1 in every section.  Not over drive the car or go balls out to where I would make an error, but get a lot of little improvements to make a big difference at the end.  I successfully did so with a 61.5 picking up a little more then 1 second on the run.  The other guys came in with a 61.6 and 61.7.  There was .2 of a second between 1st and 3rd place.  It was a close race and all came down to day 2.

Day 2 the run orders were flipped.  Since we ran 1st on day 1 we ran last on day 2.  I decided that I was going to be one of the last cars to run so I can see what times I needed to beat in order to win.  Again my first run was to get heat in the tires.  I ended up coming across the finish a little sideways and taking out some cones after the lights giving me a DNF but had a fairly good run with a 63.3 Compared to the others though I was about .5 seconds behind.   Second run Steven put down a 62.2 nearly 1 second faster then my first run.  On my second run I pushed a little bit to much to try and make up some time and over drove a bit on a few sections and finished with a 62.6. I picked up .5 seconds but still was .5 seconds behind Steven.  He went out for his last run and put down a 61.9 and really put the pressure on me with nearly a .7 second lead.  It all came down to my very last run. Just like run 3 from day 1 I was focused on picking up little time in all areas of the course.  And I did, i finished with a 61.6 picking up 1 second over my 2nd run and taking first place by .3 seconds!  It was one of the most fun and hard fought autocross events I have been to so far.  But I was able to pull it off.  That is 2 years back to back North Carolina Street Modified State Champion!

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