Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Meeting your heroes | The GTROC London meet

They say you should never meet your heroes especially your childhood heroes as by the time you meet them they'll be 10 years older, fatter and just be a let down as they are now a has been rather than the idol you remembered growing up but maybe this is wrong when it comes to your automotive heroes...

I've been lucky enough this year to get to know the guys and girls at the GTROC this last show season since I went to their April meet a the ace, but this time I went to their end of season Ace Cafe meet I was greeted with the sight of my personal automotive hero a bayside blue R34 this one had a few mods including some beautiful 19'' Varrstoen's which I think just compliment the car so well

But the fun didn't stop there for me as Mark the owner of this particular R34 was kind enough to let me stick my nose in and sit in the drivers seat which was a special moment for me since I've been dreaming about this car since I was about 12!To say the latest R34's are 10 years old now the cabin did not feel dated and felt like the perfect place to be.

Of course it wasn't just 34's at the meeting there were 32's 33's both in GT-R and GTs-T form...

This particular R33 GTS-T was packing quite the sound system! from a distance you would never guess these were speakers!

Of course no GTROC meeting would be complete without some hyper-car chasing R35's of which there was a variety including two special purple flip ones!

Cheeky R sticker...

Loved the wheels on this one especially the rears, just look at the concave!

Still the best number plate I've seen on any car!

Even a Stagea made an welcome appearance, I do like the boxy shape of these even if they do get mistaken for Volvo's occasionally!

The sight of any RB engine is awesome but especially when polished and chromed up and tuned ready for action!

Mo is one lucky man he has possibly one of the most special R34's in the country if not the world packing the work of the late great Tweenie Rob with his only RB31 engine, They'll be more of this car to come next year and im looking forward to the passenger ride at the track next year Mo!

Both of these cars are stunning but I don't think I could choose between an R34 or an R35 

Ill finish this post with one final bayside blue R34 that turned up later on during the day looks just as good with silver wheels!

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