Friday, 15 November 2013

Feature| Jonathan's Evo

Photos: Cyber Imp Productions
Words: Dominik Rodrigues

As Anton Vanko once said, “Is good to be back.” Dominik 'FD3S' Rodrigues back once again with another feature. I have to balance out this, amongst a few other things, that might or might not include a girl, College and work which means I've only been able take a few flicks through the photos I've received and skimmed over the mod list and this feature is going to be an interesting one.

There she is. One of these was bound to come in at some point. This particular Evolution 9 hails from Singapore, more about that later. From general car knowledge, she's sitting pretty on some TE37s with a TONNE of Carbon Fibre and aero modifications.

Prior to owning the 9, the owner Jonathan owned a Lancer CS3. He tried to show restraint in modding it for the year, but as all enthusiasts know, the bug for more speed, better looks, better gadgets. It takes over. For Jonathan, it was in the form of a friend dekitting and snapping up plenty of trick parts from his Airtrek Turbo.

I've got a certain affinity for Evolutions. The legacy of the rally bred road car has inspired me to draw up plans for a rally spec Evo 6 for the winter seasons to protect my FD from the elements, but that'll be a long time coming.

I can only imagine owning one of these beasts and prowling the streets with them looking for prey to devour in a flurry of AWD and turbo lag. Just looking at this picture makes me drift off and wonder how it must feel when that turbo kicks in and pulls you back into that comfortable Bride bucket seat. The interior looks, necessary, but simple, accented by that subtle rollcage.

Evolutions the world over are recognized as a sign of monstrous power, and this one is no exception, as evidenced by the engine's extensive mod list. Couple that with the amount of aero and lightweight carbon fibre you see here, and you've got yourself an insane car.

Shot of it sitting pretty in a workshop.

All is not fun and games though. Remember the part about it being in Singapore ? For those of you who don't yet know, the car scene there is tough. If anyone remembers, the cast of Fast & Furious were asked how much a standard Toyota Prius was in Singapore. The $154,000 price tag left them dumbfounded. Jonathan fears for his Evo 9. There is a Certificate called the Certificate of Entitlement, which limits a person to a 10 year period of owning a car, and renewing costs, as you guessed, quite a bit. You can read more about it here.

I wish Jonathan the best in his endeavours, and I'd love to see him still rocking this Evo ten years later when I'm all grown up and messing around with my 13b
powered toys. Dominik 'FD3S' Rodrigues signing off, a full mods list can be found below.

Make sure to check out Jonathan's facebook page

Apexi Turbo Timer
Bride Stradia w/ Bride Railings x 02
Cusco Rollcage
Defi VSD X w/ Warning Light
Innovate Wideband Gauge
Pioneer Dvd HU w/ Custom Sound System & Soundproofing
Tomei Gearknob
Kartboy Short Shifter w/ Bushings
Ralliart Shift Panel
Ralliart Speedometer Cluster
Ralliart Rear Mirror Cover
Ralliart Carmat

AP Racing 6/4 Brakes
ARP Extended Long Wheel Studs & Lug Nuts
Volks Racing Mag Blue TE37 18"x9.5 +22
Kumho KU36 265/45/18
Rays Engineering Gramlights 57F (Silver) 17"x8.5 +30
Moonface RCA Kit & Bump Steer Kit
Carbing Underpanel w/ Side Panels
Carbing 6 Point Underbrace
Carbing Side Underbody Chasis Brace
Cusco Zero 2E Coilovers
Cusco Front Bumper Power Brace
Nagisa Auto Fender Brace
DC Sports Ti Front & Rear Strut Bar
Aerocatch Bonnet Lockpins
DAMD CF Sideskirt Extension & Rear Bumper Extension
Kansai CF Sideskirt Add-on
Ganador CF Mirror
Varis CF Boot & Bonnet
Voltex FRP Lip
Voltex Style CF Fenders
Voltex CF Type 5V Spoiler

Engine Bay:
Stock 2.0 Block
Burschur FP Green 20G
Synapse Diverter Valve
Kansai Intake Manifold
Burschur Ported Manifold
Tomei Cam Gear
GSC Stage 1 Cams
AMS Fuel Rail
ARC Radiator
ARC Radiator Shroud
ARC Titanium Spark Plug Cover
HKS Grounding Cable
HKS Type R Intercooler
Cusco Engine Mounts
Cusco Anti Roll Bars
YR Advance Exhaust Manifold Heatshield
YR Advance Downpipe
Trust Ti Exhaust
CF Driveshaft
Tomei Oil Thermo Killer
Moroso Oil Catch Can
JM Fab Coolant Overflow Tank
Ralliart Water Thermostat
Ralliart Radiator Cap K&N Intake with Heat Shield Sun Automobile Hot Inazama Hyper System Samco Hose Set Fortune Auto Ti Dress Up Bolts ZakleeTransparent Cam Gear Cover CF Fuse Cover Custom Boot Relocated Battery

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