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It’s a special bond between man and machine, one not easily understood by others who may 
not share the same passions about automobiles that people like us do.
For some, it’s simply a means of going from point A to point B. You put gas in, and change the
oil every 3,000ish miles.
But then there is the crowd of relentless gearheads. You know our type, chances are you’re 
probably one since you’re reading this after all. There is never an endgame, never that last 
mod to our vehicle. The car takes on a life of it’s own from the results of carefully thought out
and planned purchases. From more power, to different wheels, or exterior & interior 
additions there is simply never enough.

Words: Josh @ [KDM-R] / Christopher Hallmark
Photos: Parametric Productions

Christopher Hallmark is your average 24yr old. Works full time, takes care of business, but 
loves to play just as hard as he works.
I started wrenching on stuff when I was probably 12 or 13. My younger brother and I 
would take R/C cars apart and piece them back together in order to create these monstrous 
“Frankencars” that rarely lasted more than a Saturday afternoon. When I turned 16 I picked
up a 4WD Toyota 4Runner, and being from Alabama – there is only one way to go – and 
that was UP. After 6” of lift and 35” tires it became a chore to be at the gas pump more than 
I was on the road so I set out to get something “fuel efficient”.

I test drove a Gen and fell in love”.

From that moment on, the sickness infested Christopher like it does us all. He caught the mod
bug. From lowering springs, to engine bolt-ons, to 8 different sets of wheels it’s finally started
to get to a point where he is satisfied with the cars exterior modifications.
It’s impossible (unless your color blind) to not immediately be sucked into the POP! of the 
bright blue Forgestar CF-10′s. The accent of the blue wheels under the Karussell White paint
is simple, yet stunning. Finished off with carbon fiber accents in the form of a Seibon OEM
style hood, Carbon Creations trunk, and an RMR cf grille, it’s surprising so few people sue 
Christopher for breaking their necks.

Countless creams and ointments couldn’t heal Christophers illness of modifying his Genesis
Coupe, and things only got worse once he met Bill Wolf, a sales rep for BTRcc.
Bill & BTRcc had the perfect tuning setup to compliment Christopher’s engine modifications,
and helped squeeze every last bit of horsepower from the 2.0 turbo engine.

One of the coolest custom things done to the car is the full sharpie art interior done by 
Christopher’s lovely lady, Alaina. She spent countless hours with a steady hand a black 
sharpie going over multiple trim bezels to create a unique and artistic cabin space.
““Sharpie-ing” by hand. I get compliments on the work (and the girl!) all the time – and I 
don’t think there is enough money to get either of them from me”.

Being the leader of the Chapter 11 section for Alabama, Chris has quite a strong scene of guys
out there. Together they look to each other for inspiration, advice, help, and all do so in a 
positive manner.
I promised the winner of a ride of the month contest a couple months ago a 
feature on the site as a reward. I’m happy to see Chris win, as his car is deserving of an and all 
exposure it gets.
Follow him on instagram and stay up with his journey. @Challmark
What does the future hold in store for Chris?
Pay this sumbitch off and go big turbo!
A very special thanks to the following. For inspiring and motivating Christoper, to helping 
make this feature possible.
Alaina Marie
Bill W. & the BTRcc Gang
Chapter 11
Assaultech Performace
Birmingham Cars & Coffee
Tony G. @ Parametric Productions
Logan E @ LEPhoto

Performance/ Engine Bay:
AEM Cold Air Intake
Depo Racing Catless O2/Downpipe
DC Sports Cat Back
Grimmspeed Phenolic Spacer
P2R Throttle Body Spacer
MAPerformance Heat Shield
GTSpec Strutbar
Depo Racing Front Mount Intercooler
Synapse BOV
Venaire White Silicone Radiator hoses
Chapter11 Dress Up bolt kit
Hyundai Racing Oil cap
HKS Radiator Cap
BTRcc Stage 2 (Full Bolt-On / 1:1 Throttle) Tuned ECU
BC Racing Coil Overs
Forgestar CF10 – 19×9.5(+15)/19×11(+26)
Powder coated Metallic Blue Pearl
Hankook V12 Evos 225/35/19 & 255/35/19
OEM Brembo Upgrade
Slotted/Dimpled Rotors (BTRcc)
Carbon Creations OEM Style Carbon Fiber Trunk
Seibon OEM Style Carbon Fiber Hood
AeroCatch Hood pins
RMR Carbon Fiber Grill
eBay roof wing
Gloss Black Roof Wrap (Courtesy of Assaultech Performance)
GCTuner front lip
OEM Modded fog light bezels
20% Tint
Superlux V2 Tails
Painted OEM headlights w/ HID upgrade
Diode Dynamics Stage 2 LED kit
Hella Supertones horns
Sharpie artwork (Done by my GF!)
CP-e Triple gauge pod
GlowShift gauges
Alpine Type-E 12″ sub and amp

Thanks to Josh at for the feature and make sure to check out [KDM-R]

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