Wednesday, 29 January 2014

EvoJoeRacing | recapping 2013 and looking to the future

Happy New Year to everyone! The 2014 season is upon us so I just wanted to give a quick recap of my 2013 season.  In 2013 I was repeat North Carolina Street Modified State Champion as well as repeat Street Modified Season Champion with CCR SCCA. 

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I am extremely happy with last years results considering how my car is prepped.  For those who do not know my car is not at all Street Modified prepped. The car is 400hp/400tq with a stock block and head. Only motor work is Cosworth 272s and PTE injectors for E85.  It has an old 1st generation Tomei arms 7960 that I bought used 3 years ago.  My suspension is the Stance XRs which are single way adjustable invert monoshocks. Great suspension for aggressive driving but not at the level of what a Street Modified car should be running.  It weighs 3200lbs where minimum weight is 2800-2950lbs.  Also, my ride height is about .5 inches ABOVE stock due to clearance issues and the improper installation of the Over Fenders by the body shop as well as the car has not seen an alignment since 2010.  Yup give me an award for the least prepared driver in the world but given all my downfalls and shortcomings with car prep I performed extremely well! 

So lets talk about 2014.  During the off season I had some awesome things lined up.  I got offered a sponsorship with Modern Automotive Performance and with their help we were going to build the motor! One of the things I have been wanting to do on this car for years.  We were going to put together a 2.4L long block with a MAP EF2.5 or EF3  aiming for 550hp and 500-600tq.  I also got connected with Shift Fast Motorsports here in Rock Hill SC who is sponsoring the car next year as their shop car and was going to assemble and build the motor.  I renewed my sponsorship with Hoosier Tires, Mishimoto, GoPro, SpyOptics, DBA and Amsoil. The 2014 season was looking to shape up to be an amazing one worthy of National Competition! 

However, in late November all those plans suddenly changed.  My wife had lost her job and has been out of work since.  Ive had to take on a second and third job to make ends meet as she is out ever day trying to get something. The past few months have been hard on us so everything has been put on hold till we can get our feet underneath us.  

Luckily my wife is on the rebound, shes in the final stages of getting a new job hopefully starting sometime in February but we have a few months of recovery ahead of us to get out of the financial issues that we incurred during that down time.

So lets talk about 2014. I am going to race and still want to compete Nationally. There are some National Events that come close to home but traveling up to New Jersey or out to Nebraska seem to be not feasible due to financial restraints.  The motor build that was planned is on the back burner till next year. Shift Fast Motorsports said that if I can get them the parts they will do the build.  Obviously the problem is the parts and the cost.  Modern Automotive Performance is doing everything they can to get prices down as far as they can for me but its still out of reach without support from other companies like Manley or Wiseco.  

So the refocus for 2014 is going to be suspension and suspension alone. I am going to work with Shift Fast to get the cars weight down to 2900lbs but we need to get a 2way or 3 way adjustable racing suspension in the car to compete.  The car will be under powered but I believe with a quality high end suspension in the car I can work miracles.  I mean I placed 5th out of 8 at a Pro Solo on Street Tires and these XRs! 

So thats what I am asking for.  If anyone out there can help me this season get into a suspension system that I can compete with Nationally.  There is plenty of real estate on the car for logos and I will post on forums and blog the heck out of my season as I always do.  Im just looking to keep moving forward and progressing to reach my goal. I want a National Championship and im not stopping till I get it.  



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