Friday, 24 January 2014

Feature | Lee's Mini turbo

It's Dominik once again, hope everyone had a great Christmas and a New Year. I myself had a midlife crisis and purchased a motorbike with I might write up in the future for Shifted but I digress. The Mini, the car that has a different meaning to all. 

To some, it's the hero car of the classic 'The Italian Job', to some it's a first car, to some it's a rally car, but to this father and son it was a joint project.

It started life as this blue and white scheme Mini Turbo, brand new in 1989, until Lee and his son got it under wraps.

First of all, it was stripped and resprayed grey and fitted with a red roll cage and tons of delicious genuine carbon fibre, which includes the roof, boot lid and front end, the first of its kind in the country.

The mods continue with Evo 8 Recaro seats, TRS 4 point harnesses, custom made Compomotive TH1381 wheels, Carbon Fibre Miglias arches, KAD 4 pot brakes, a fully forged 1293 turbocharged engine ,custom made radiator, GAZ adjustable shocks, custom smooth bulkhead, billet alloy door hinges, Carbon Fibre parcel shelf, MK1 Wavy Grille Carbon Fibre doors. All this tasty genuine Carbon Fibre combined with that mean son of an engine means that it chucks out 171hp with a light weight of 465kg, comparable with a 2011 Kawasaki ZX-10R that weighs twice as much.

The mod list goes on with a straight cut gearbox, custom front subframe, digital cluster, Polycarb windows with a bronze tint, single wiper conversion, black Samco hoses and a rear seat delete.

All in all, this Mini is a few crazy aero mods from being a mean time attack car. A great build by a father and son, not much more to say.


  1. Genuine carbon fibre?? First of its kind in the country?? 465kg??

    What a load of shit

  2. it was not 465kg on the scales at Owens fabrication, it was a LOT more than that. How is this the first in the country???