Thursday, 16 January 2014

GTROC at Autosport

This year for Autosport I was lucky enough to be helping out on the GTROC stand which was awesome! being surrounded with five stunning GT-R's and Skyline GT-R's and I thought I'd talk you guys through them...

Papa Smurf! this is one tracked GT-R with around 200 laps of the Nurburgring and fully set up suspension for track use they say you could put another 500hp under the bonnet and it wouldnt lap silverstone any faster than it already does!

Speed Merchant's Veilside R32 Skyline GT-R one of only 10 made by Veilside in Japan this is one special very wide car, Currently running 520Bhp the engine set-up is good for around 750hp but this is all the standard gearbox can take so the car has been set-up to be very responsive throughout its rev range which is what Speedy needs for the hillclimbs and sprints he uses the car for..

The Nismo built JRM GT1 World Championship winning car which is now privately owned is always a stunning sight! Only beaten by seeing the car out on track which is just amazing! Running a 5.6l V8 with a limited 600hp and being fully carbon fibre this thing is just a beast!

Jeff's R33 Skyline GT-R Drag car, Which is the fastest R33 GT-R In Europe running 8.82 seconds at 1600kg, Showing off the new livery for the new year we can't wait to see what it runs this year!

Albert's carbon clad R35 well as the demo car for knight racer what more would you expect! The car was making its d├ębut with a full carbon front bumper and with 800+bhp it definitely has the go to match the show. Watch out for a show feature on this car tomorrow...

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