Friday, 17 January 2014

Show Feature | Albert's R35 GT-R

So here on Shifted we are starting something new from Autosport 2014... Show features where we get a more in depth look at some of the stand out cars at each show we attend starting with Albert's Stunning carbon clad R35 we saw in yesterday's GTROC post...

The cars serves Albert as the Knight Racer demo car so as you can see as the car  is dripping in beautiful carbon fibre parts from the bonnet, bumper, front wings, spoiler and even the exhaust tips are made of the dark weave.

Projex UK 1VT wheels are filling the R35's arches nicely covering the brake set-up of Alcon discs with Ferodo pads.

The fit and finish of the Knight Racer parts is flawless and adding some serious aggression to the front of the already aggressive R35 GT-R.

The beauty of the Knight Racer front bumper is that it updates any My09-11 GT-R to a My12-13 ready for daytime running lights and the fresher look it brings.

Could you resist this open door with the engine running in front of you? With 800+hp on tap as well thanks to a Severn Valley Motorsport conversion it must be one hell of a ride too!


Engine and Transmission

Brand New Nissan 2010 GT-R Engine Block
Brand New Nissan Bearing Set
Brand New Nissan Gasket Set
SVM Spec Pistons
SVM Spec Forged Con Rods
SVM Spec Marston Aerospace Intercooler with 80mm
Hard Pipes
SVM Stage 2 IHI Turbo Chargers
SVM 14 Plate Clutch Kit
SVM 3 Mechanical Circlip Upgrade
SVM Breather Tank
APR Rod Bolts
Millers CFS10W60NT Competition Engine Oil
Billet Aluminium Actuators
ASNU 1100cc Injectors
Twin 400LPH Fuel Pumps
KR Aluminium Header Tank
Gearbox Cooler
GTC Titan 102mm Titanium Full Exhaust System with
Carbon Fibre Tips
GTC Downpipes
Cobb AccessPort Management System
GTC Custom Mapping/Tune

Suspension and Brakes;

BC Racing ER Coilover Suspension Type ER
Whiteline Sway Bars Front and Rear
Alcon Brake Rotors
Ferodo DS2500 Brake Pads

Exterior and Aero;

Genuine Nissan R35 GT-R 2013 DRL Units
Knight-Racer GT2 Full Hybrid Carbon Bonnet
Knight-Racer 2013 Full Hybrid Carbon Front Bumper
Knight-Racer 2013 Hybrid Carbon Front Grille
Knight-Racer 2013 Hybrid Carbon Front Splitter
Knight-Racer OEM Full Hybrid Carbon Front Wings
Knight-Racer Hybrid Carbon Side Skirts
Knight-Racer Hybrid Carbon Front Fender Vents
Knight-Racer Hybrid Carbon Front Fender Logo Holders
Knight-Racer Hybrid Carbon Rear Diffuser
Knight-Racer CD Hybrid Carbon Rear Spoiler
Knight-Racer OEM Hybrid Carbon Engine Cover
Knight-Racer OEM Hybrid Carbon Cooling Panel
Knight-Racer OEM Carbon Brake Cover


Full Interior trim Carbon Vinyl Wrap
Steering Wheel Alcantara Retrim

Power 800+bhp / 850bhp on Race Fuel

For more details on any of the carbon parts and to see what else they can offer check out knight racer at and on Facebook here.

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