Monday, 20 January 2014

Show Feature | Cazan Racing Clio RS

So for our second show feature from Autosport 2014 is on the awesome Megane 230 engined Clio 200...

So what would you do when you found out that your Clio 200 engine has died and isn't coming back cheaply? Go for an expensive stock parts rebuild or convert to the superior engine from the Megane 230 with all its turbo tuning potential? Easy choice when you put it like that eh?!

Well thats excatly what Angel of Cazan Racing did and how good does the pretty funnily coded F4RT engine look in the Clio's bay!

Everything is just tucked away so neatly in the engine bay it looks as if it could have come that way from the factory.

Cazan Racing's own carbon fibre exhaust trims, rear diffuser and cup spoiler tips add a nice finished look to the rear end of the car.

Along with the carbon bonnet, lip spoiler and canards adding to the race car feel at the front!

A custom made tow strap adds a touch of colour to the black and white Clio. And those Rota Boost wheels fill the arches nicely with there 8x17 size and isn't white on white catching on these days? 

The interior is kept pretty standard with the comfortable yet supportive factory Recaro seats just having a pair of Sparco harnesses added to hold Angel in place when the corners come.


2.0l F4RT Megane R26 230 engine,
Megane 250 turbo,
ARP rod bolts,
KTR induction kit,
Mishimoto R-line intercooler,
SC auto Electrics 63mm development hardpipe kit,
Forge Motorsport silicone cooling pipes,
ASH silicone induction hose 3in,
KTR Decat pipe,
Milltek link pipe,
Milltek Cat back system de silenced,
Vibra Technics fast road engine mounts,
titanium exhaust wrap,
custom made turbo heat shield.

Clio 200 gearbox,
new clutch kit.

Ultra Racing upper strut bar,
Ultra Racing lower chassis brace,
Ultra Racing rear ARB,
Apex race springs.


Cazan Racing 330mm 2-piece dics,
J-hooked rotors,
Gold anodised bells,
Carbone Lorraine RC6 brake pads,

Cazan Racing rear discs,
J-hooked rotors,
Carbone Lorraine RC6 brake pads.

Rota Boost 8x17 ET45,
TPI wheel bolts.

Recaro CS Sport seats,
Yellow trim detailing,
Sparco racing harnesses.

Cazan Racing carbon fibre bonnet,
Cazan Racing carbon fibre Cup spoiler tips,
Cazan Racing carbon fibre exhaust trims,
Cazan Racing carbon fibre door sill kick plates,
Cazan Racing front corner splitters,
front bumper canards,
custom made tow strap.

Check out for more on the carbon parts!


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