Monday, 24 February 2014

Dan's Nissan 350Z Roadster

Well this is my 350z roadster which I aquired in 2012, not a car you see much of in roadster form so thats why wanted to buy it. Actually, it goes deeper than that.

The main reason I bought this model is because I fell ill in 2008, suffering with epilepsy which meant I had my license revoked for 3 years, so when I got my license back I decided that I would treat myself to a powerful soft top. Why the 350Z? That reason is because the 350z is different, friends didnt have one and I like to be different to every one else.

You hardly see any 350z roadsters around no matter where you drive in the UK. So one day I handed over the money and bought the car.

Now, the intention was to keep the car standard, but that was never going to happen with me as I've always been into cars as well as modifying them and every car I have owned has been modified one way or another. Believe me I have had a few cars, all had mods of some sort or other. I decided to join the 350z owners club which is a great for help and conversation about the 350Z. Lets just say my 'standard' ideas went out the window and my bank account was feeling very empty, in a positive way.

After attending a few car meets across the UK, I got the idea of owning a 400bhp N/A 350z Roadster. I was told it cant be done but I have never been one to like that word cant, which made me more determined. I have been spending a lot more money and time on the car than I thought I would, I'm not quite at 400bhp but I'm not far off either. One of the first thing I did was having the car 'de-cat' and OMG, the noise of the exhaust is crazy, every where I go I get asked about the exhaust note, people giving me good comments and they say it sounds awesome, I would have to agree.

The car was seen by my friends and family as the usual hairdresser car and all the jokes came out, I'm cool with that, I think any hairdresser would love to be seen and heard in my Roadster.

Its a car to me that when you've had a crap day or just want to unwind, you jump in, fire up the beautiful V6 vq35de engine, pierce your ear drums, scare the neighbours cat and annoys the whole street with, but its worth it. Totally worth it. Summertime, who wouldn't want to drop the roof, feel the sun and hear the cars engine and exhaust note when you open the throttle.

Nissan 350z gt roadster
Engine specs
Custom black painted vq35de with lots of candy purple bits purple hoses purple oil and radiator cap and oil drain plug Fully uprated rebuilt engine Tomei pro cams Haltech pro ecu Port and polished heads Blitz lm induction kit Jim wolf technology heat shield Carbon wrapped air ram pipe Chrome pas cover cnc machined cap for windscreen washer bottle/over flow bottle Custom Carbon wrapped strut brace Fidanza fly wheel Exedy carbon race clutch M rev 2 plenium with h dev 5/16th spacer Custom 3.5 inch exhaust all painted black Decatted and center reansonators removed Dc manifold Bigger injectors Warlbrough fuel pump Custom live h dev map And up rev software Custom battery and brake fluid covers in purple and black vinyl wrap Top speed limiter removed 1st 2nd 3rd gear restriction removed More sensitive throttle Sick speed purple washer and bolts threw out the engine bay Arp head bolts Custom cnc engine mounts Nismo low temp thermostat
18 inch rays engineering forged wheels Ebach pro 25mm front hub centric spacers Ebach pro 30mm rear hub centric spacers Forged gt470 purple and gold wheel nuts
Suspension Hks suspension painted purple all round Custom white line underbracing
Brakes Brembo callipers all round Braided brake lines Braided clutch line
Road angel speed camera software Full leather interior red nismo style mats red gear gaiter Red hand brake cover Sat nav Bose audio headunit Bose audio 10 inch sub
Nismo style front splitter Ep racing tow arm Custom zed badges all round witch carbon inserts Short carbon aerial Custom lower rear lights and side indicators Lots of canbus led bulbs
24-7 motion tracker to keep the car where it should be 😊 Thatcham cat 1 alarm Thatcham Approved steering lock cover


  1. ok you are saying all off that so what is the BHP then mate

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  3. Some nice mods but with what you have done , you will only gained 30bhp Max. No were the claimed 400.